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Academic and Social Growth for ALL Students, Every Day!
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As a part of the educational team, the students will:
  • Respect the rights of others in the classroom, in the hallways, on the playground, and on the bus to and from school. This includes accepting individual differences in people, recognizing others' accomplishments, and showing respect for property.
  • Work cooperatively with peers as a part of a school community which values helpfulness, thoughtfulness, and kindness toward others.
  • Become aware of individual choices and their consequences.
  • Behave in a manner which in no way interferes with the teaching and learning process.
  • Take responsibility for completing all homework and assignments, and for coming to school prepared to learn, including having the appropriate materials.
  • Have regular attendance to maximize learning opportunities.
  • Be aware of school rules, student rights, and student responsibilities.
  • Take an active and enthusiastic role in their studies, and safety, and always strive for excellence.
As a part of the educational team, parents will:
  • Encourage their children to do their best and instill in them the importance of education in their daily lives and in their future.
  • Send their children to school well rested and ready to learn.
  • See that their children complete homework assignments and come to school with the appropriate materials.
  • See that their children attend regularly.
  • Support the school on matters of discipline, school policies and curriculum.
  • Actively communicate and cooperate with staff members regarding their children.
  • Take active roles in the school, sharing their ideas and/or giving of their time to improve the school.
  • Instill a sense of responsibility and guide students to accept responsibility for their choices.
As a part of the educational team, teachers/school will:
  • Encourage students to ask questions and think critically.
  • Ensure that individual help is provided, the importance of the individual is recognized, and that teachers actively listen to students.
  • Instill in students the importance of rules, rights and responsibilities, and the relationship between them.
  • Recognize individual differences by providing diverse materials, approaches and settings for learning.
  • Build productive, helpful and caring relationships where positive reinforcement and student achievement are valued.
  • Emphasize the importance of all areas of the curriculum.
  • Foster a love of learning and the importance of being a life long learner.
  • Provide enjoyable, meaningful activities and enrichment opportunities for the students and parents.
  • Actively communicate and cooperate with parents regarding the students.
  • Provide educationally appropriate materials, facilities and methods of instruction.
  • Provide classroom organization, discipline, and enthusiasm which leads to optimal learning opportunities.
  • Ensure that teacher learning occurs through collaboration and continuous staff development.
  • Identify and address poor performance and/or academic difficulties.
  • Recognize and celebrate effort and achievement.
  • Challenge students to do their very best everyday.
 Academic and Social Growth for ALL Students, Everyday!